Paris or Remote
Full Time

About Omi

Omi is a platform empowering brands to transfer their products into the virtual world, insert them in real time into the VR-powered environments and generate a video or photo from their composition, without technical skills. As reality becomes augmented, mixed and virtual, a whole new dimension opens up to us. Omi's mission is to explore it to create the most powerful video technologies in the world, real and virtual.

Why this role?

Build the foundations of Omi:
As the second Rendering Software Engineer working full-time at Omi, you'll have outsized influence on the infrastructure and foundations of the services we develop.
Work on a unique technology: Omi exploits the potential of the latest rendering technologies and the power of computer vision to offer to create the most powerful and effective video technology of the last (or next) decade. Let's achieve this goal together.
Make the Omi experience magical: Remember when you programmed your first video rendering? The power and delight you felt when it just ... worked? We want to deliver that experience to everyone by giving them the tools to generate video - without having to actually shoot it and without any skills. Today, all the infrastructure is present, but we need remarkable engine programming to pull it off.
Join us at a magical time: We've just raised capital and we're starting to work on our product-market fit while accelerating our tech development, which gives us a huge green field to work with. You'd join at the perfect time to shape what we build and how we grow.


  • Invent, analyze, design, develop and optimize a real time ultra-realistic 3D rendering engine.
  • Automate cameras in 3D backgrounds environment working closely with the Backend team
  • Collaborate in a team environment across multiple engineering disciplines, making the architectural trade-offs required to rapidly deliver software solutions
  • Write clean readable code, debug complex problems that span systems, prioritize ruthlessly and get things done with a high level of efficiency
  • Learn constantly, dive into new areas with unfamiliar technologies, and embrace the ambiguity of AR problem solving

The skills you need

  • Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
  • 5 or more years C++ experience and used in the last 2 years, including modern C++ features
  • 3 or more years OpenGL experience and used in the last 2 years, including modern OpenGL features
  • Experience working with IOTs and embedded systems
  • Proven track record of software development, including shipping one or more products
  • Performance oriented, problem solving and optimization focused
  • Demonstrated experience working collaboratively in cross-functional teams

Bonus skills

  • Proven experience working with Ray Tracing
  • WebAssembly (emscripten) experience
  • Proven experience in the AR field is a plus
  • Experience with cloud computing services
  • Computer vision or image processing experience