Paris or Remote
Full Time

About Omi

Omi is a platform empowering brands to transfer their products into the virtual world, insert them in real time into the VR-powered environments and generate a video or photo from their composition, without technical skills. As reality becomes augmented, mixed and virtual, a whole new dimension opens up to us. Omi's mission is to explore it to create the most powerful video technologies in the world, real and virtual.

Why this role ?

  • Build the foundations of Omi : As the second Engineer working full-time on our Frontend at Omi, you'll have outsized influence on the infrastructure and foundations of the services we develop.
  • Work on a unique technology : Omi exploits the potential of the latest generation game engines and the power computer vision to create the most powerful and effective video technology of the last (or next) decade. Let's achieve this goal together.
  • Join us at a magical time: We've just raised capital and we're starting to work on our product-market fit while acceleration our tech development, which gives us a huge green field to work with. You'd join at the perfect time to shape what we build and how we grow.


  • Drive an excellent customer experience, continually raising the bar on functionality, usability, and simplicity.
  • Implement, Update and Maintain the features and user interfaces (app, landing, design system..)
  • Analytics, logging and monitoring on Front Integration
  • Provide leadership and mentorship to other members of the team
  • Design efficient and reusable front-end systems that drive complex web applications
  • Collaborate with Data Science, Backend, and Engineering teams to deliver compelling user-facing products
  • Identify and resolve performance and scalability issues. Self-identify gaps, problems, needs, and come up with robust solutions with relative independence.
  • Work cross-functionally to define problem statements, collect data, build analytical models, make recommendations and develop your product for high scalability

The skills your need

  • 5+ years experience of Software/Front-end Engineering
  • A habit of writing super-clean, encapsulated, testable, and well documented code.
  • Proficiency in React (Contexts, Hooks etc.)
  • Proficiency in React styling (styled-components, flex, grids…)
  • Proficiency in Typescript
  • Proficiency in integrating APIs, caching, state management
  • Proficiency in front-end development (asynchronous programming, typing, closures, testing…)
  • Knowledge of front-end optimizations (browser APIs, loops, search…)
  • Great knowledge of webassembly and web workers

Bonus skills

  • Proven experience in the video, AR or gaming field is a plus
  • Can query datasets from Postgresql and Redis databases
  • Experience with cloud computing services
  • Can integrate well with other teams and be efficient when integrating services
  • Able to thrive in a dynamic environment where goals and requirements may be changing

Tech Stack

  • Infrastructure : Kubernetes, docker, grafana, prometheus, Postgresql
  • Backend : Golang, NodeJS
  • Frontend : React / Typescript
  • Engine : OpenGL